Friday, January 8, 2016

What I'm Reading

Happy New Year!  If you're like me, you're still basking in the newness and glow of your resolutions.  Mine have included working out regularly again, consistently reading the Bible to my kids, and writing more.  I've already failed at a few of them, but I was prepared for that this year better than I have been previous years.  When you fall, pick yourself back up and keep going, right?

Anyway, here are a few books I've been reading while on a break from my classes that I would recommend:

The Whole Brain Child:  My sister got this for me for Christmas.  It is a great book full of easy to understand scientific concepts concerning children's developing brains.  The authors include not only tips for parenting in a way that helps kids integrate all parts of their mind, but also comics for kids that parents can read to them to help them understand how their brain functions.  I've really enjoyed it for the science, for the tender, non-condemning voice of the authors, and for the strategies it supplies that have helped me build a better relationship with my kids while helping them have healthy minds.

Keep Your Love On:  We've been studying this book for the Mom's group I meet with twice a month.  Although I have serious reservations about the theology (the little of it) presented in this book and feel it would've been a better read without the spiritual angle, the communication and relationship tips included in this book are great and very practical.  I would recommend it for anyone looking to show love and also establish healthy individual boundaries.  Next on my list is the parenting version of this book.

What Child is This?: I read this over Christmas and it is a story that will haunt me for a while.  It's fictional account of youth in the foster care system and a teen's girl's struggle for meaning in the midst of her parents' affluent, but  meaningless lifestyle.  A great, quick read that will introduce you the inner world of children in the foster system and their struggle to relate with others.

I start my last class on social issues in child advocacy for my graduate certificate in a couple of weeks and will be reading quite a few books on poverty, inequality and child trafficking.  The idealist in me is chomping at the bit!  I will share the list of those books and my thoughts on them soon.

Happy reading, friends!

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