Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 21: Rest

"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
-Matthew 11:28

I've been either fighting a cold or fall allergies these past few days.  Anyone knows that with a cold it can be almost impossible to sleep depending on your symptoms.  Last night was no exception, and I ended up taking half a dose of nighttime cold medicine.  I told Hubs that he might be better off sleeping downstairs last night and apologized.  He said, "Don't say you're sorry for being sick."

This morning I felt like the walking dead.  I prepared myself for the day, made breakfast and helped the kids get dressed successfully, but was wiped out with the effort.  Hubs took the kids to the bus stop while I lay on the couch wrapped in a blanket.  I vaguely remember him coming back and turning on the TV for my son.  The last two hours have been me waking up to my toddler saying, "Want to watch another one," then being fully awakened by him coming over to the couch and demanding more cereal.

I finally felt a little more human at that point, so I rose and had a snack of my own as well.  At this point I could have been beating myself up for all I hadn't done that morning.  But God is being gracious to me in reminding me in sickness and weakness that I need to rest.  The world will not collapse if I take a much needed break, and I will recover faster if I listen to my body and give it the break it needs.

So I'm choosing to see today as a gift of rest.  I'm choosing to not feel guilty about the amount of TV my son has watched this morning, because he sees it as a rare treat.  I'm choosing not to worry about the fact that he's had three bowls of cereal, because that means he is full.  This day of rest is a gift for the both of us, and will lead to recovery and the routine fast enough.

Take time to rest today and be present, especially if you're not sick!  Rest is a gift from God.

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