Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My First Guest Post!

You guys, this has been a really awesome day so far. 

I got some raking done this morning while watching my almost two-year-old jump gleefully into leaf piles, my daughter had a really good day at school AND a red roaster (I mean the appliance, not the actual chicken...although I do plan on roasting a chicken for dinner tonight) showed up at my door while we were eating lunch.  There was jumping up and down...and not just by my four-year-old.  That sorta thing happens when you haven't had a working oven for a while!

Today I'm also registering for my first few classes as a grad student!  In the spring I'll be starting a graduate certificate in Child and Family Advocacy at Empire State College.  I'm excited/nervous about this venture, but hey, my education award from my days in AmeriCorps needed to be used soon, so I'm rejoining the world of academia for a time before my scholarship mysteriously disappears.

As icing on the cake, my very first guest post over at Not Unredeemed was posted this morning!  My friend Katie asked me to write about keeping Jesus instead of marriage as your Savior.  Pop on over, read my post (shameless plug) and then stay there for more good stuff on singleness and living intentionally by pursuing the Kingdom of God!

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