Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Shall Not Want

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside quiet waters."
-Psalm 23:1-2

These verses are inscribed on a plaque I placed on the windowsill over my kitchen sink.
I need these words daily. 
As I plunge my hands into the hot soapy water to wash another set of dishes, I read the verses and think of all the other phrases in the Bible that describe the vanity of following our own wants:
chasing after the wind,
anxious toil,
the lust of the flesh,
The lust of the eyes,
the pride of life,
leaky cisterns that hold no water.
I am stunned by the Lord's gentle persistence for the rest of His children.
His voice is not in the earthquake or the the whirlwind.
It is gentle, calm and quiet, without manipulation, without condemnation.
He wants obedience.  He wants me to trust Him.
He wants me to rest in quietness and to rejoice over me with His singing.
Under His shepherding hand I lie down beside quiet waters and find my soul content.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

She Says: Comparison

Hello friends!  In the midst of prepping for Easter (which is totally going to include a nap this afternoon!) I wanted to hook you up with the latest She Says podcast on comparison.  Comparing can be such a struggle for a lot of women, especially if it leads you towards pride and/or shame.  Take a listen and resolve with us She Says ladies not to let comparison rob us of our joy in our unique walk with Christ!

Happy Easter weekend-He is risen!