Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I've been doing instead of blogging....

-Visiting the fam for Easter.
-Binging on Easter candy for a week afterwards.
-Acquiring new clothes, getting a haircut and being more mindful about my appearance after reading this series.
-Doing this to combat the love handles that mysteriously appeared during my pregnancy and have decided to take up residence for a while (the Easter candy probably isn't helping...but I'll be finishing Level 2 tomorrow!)
-reading this series on my Nook.
-Spring cleaning...bleck.
-Holding down the fort while Hubs is working like a crazy man for his organization's bi-annual fundraiser (I took the kids out to Arby's yesterday to pick up lunch and surprise Hubs at work and then burnt our dinner last night and ended up feeding my two year old leftovers from said lunch.  Don't judge me.)
-Seeing my copy of Future Grace on top of the microwave and thinking, "I really need to blog about this at some point."

So...hopefully I'll be writing a bit more regularly soon.  Just wanted to let you and myself know that I haven't forgotten about this :)

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