Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not perfect, but obedient

"The faith that justifies gives rise to lives of obedience-not perfection, but growing holiness."
-John Piper, Future Grace

In case you missed it, I've begun a new series with my sister!  We are reading Future Grace together and blogging about it every week.  You can read her thoughts on this week's chapter (For Theologians)  here.

I thought Saturdays were supposed to be relaxing.

Honestly, it's just been a normal day here and I'm not sure why, but I just feel so much pressure to get everything done.  I am doing a lot of things that I enjoy (like cooking!) but not finding joy in them and I think I know why: I am trying to do everything perfectly.

I hope there are others in the same boat out there.  You know how it goes: you want the perfectly clean, clutter free house, well-behaved kids, a baby who sleeps through the night (or, God forbid, naps during the day), insert the life you want here.

And don't even get me started on my "imperfect" devotional life.  I'm lucky to read both Spurgeon's Morning and Evening devotionals and the Bible reading plan I started last March and definitely will not finish by this March before I collapse on the pillow quivering with exhaustion each night.  My prayer life consists of "help me!" in the midst of what one of the mom blogs I follow likes to call The Failure Hour (every mother dreads it...that window of time between 4-6 pm where dinner needs to be made, the kids are whiny/hungry and you're remembering all the things you wanted to do during the day that you never got to!)

Speaking of things that need to be done, I read the chapter that I pulled this quote from last night while my 2 year old watched an Action Bible Songs DVD and my 2 month old lay wiggling on the living room floor.  Scanned the chapter would be the more operative word!  But even in the midst of all this "imperfection"  I am encouraged by this book, and the quote above seems rather timely for today.  

Today I am reassured that God does not require perfection, but obedience.  If I am trusting Jesus, listening to His voice and resting in the salvation He has purchased for me, I do not have to worry about being perfect.  The faith I have in His finished work on the cross and His promise to carry to completion the work of holiness He has begun in my heart (Philippians 1:6) is a more wonderful motivator than perfectionism ever could be.

Let that encourage you today.  If you have faith in Christ and are being obedient to Him, He is pleased with you.  He will continue to help you grow in holiness, no matter how imperfect your life may seem.

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