Friday, February 17, 2012

Library picks: 2/17

Daughter and I finally made it back to the library after a 2 week absence.  For most of that two weeks one or the other was puking (sorry for the visual) and suffering from the weirdest virus ever.  It would rear it's ugly head, go away for a few days and then come roaring back with a vengeance!  Hubs never got it (thank God) but he took good care of us while we were sickies.  At any rate...we were happy to get back to the old routine.  I think we got out of the house every morning this week, which was nice for me!  Here are our choices for books this week:

Mommy's Picks:

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.  I saw this on the new release shelf and nabbed it.  I wrote about his death and the impact it had for Hubs when the news broke, but otherwise I know nothing about the man.  The librarian told me of an interesting instance in the book concerning Corning Gorilla Glass and concluded with the statement, "He was very demanding."  This should be an interesting read!

Daughter's Picks:

She actually has "read" these two before, but I don't argue with a 1.5 year old who didn't get to bed until 10:30 last night because her crazy parents kept her out for Bible Study...too risky!

Can I Have a Hug? by Debi Gliori.  It has bears and owls for characters, it's about hugging and is a super short book.  Perfect for bedtime!

The Feelings Book by Todd Parr.  This one has very colorful illustrations about different feelings the author may have during the day with a cute message at the end about sharing our feelings with the people we love.  My favorite line?  "Sometimes I feel like kissing a sea lion."

Happy reading (and weekend), everyone!

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  1. You inspire me to want to hit the base library again... I've only done it once. But both girls (especially Lily) are interested in books lately... I bet another trip would be a really fun outing for her!