Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wifey Wednesday: Go the Distance

"In every happy marriage, even when you are getting along with your husband well, you will inevitably experience Seasons of Distance, when you go through a few weeks or months where you don't connect well....the key is to make sure that seasons of distance don't also become seasons of carelessness."
-Shelia Wray Gregoire, Why Affairs Happen (Hint: There's not Always a Reason)

Shelia's blog post couldn't be more timely.  Hubs and I are entering what Gregoire calls a "Season of Distance" (and no, I am not worried about an affair.  I'm taking a different spin on her post).  This week is the fund raising week for his ministry, which is coupled with rehearsals every evening for the upcoming musical production.  Needless to say, we haven't seen much of each other this week.  I miss him.  I am kind of glad he forgot that he had to be at rehearsal last night and we got to eat together at an unhurried pace before one of his co-workers called to ask him if he was coming!

I am very grateful that in this season my husband and I both remember to reach out to each other in the midst of busyness.  He comes home for dinner for an hour on rehearsal evenings so we can talk about our day and spend time together.  He could be working instead.  He welcomes us when we come to visit him at work during the fund raiser and will often take time to eat with us.  I am also trying to do my part to stay connected to him too.  I'll ask him how his day is going over Google chat.  I try to have dinner ready right when he comes home so he can eat and talk with us instead of hurrying.  Tonight I will get all of his staff shirts ready for the fund raiser.

It's little things like this that help us go the distance during busy times.  The busyness won't be over after this week as rehearsals pick up for the musical and the holidays approach, so I am happy we are developing habits of caring for each other now.  I'd encourage you to do the same if you feel distant from your husband.  Let him know that you care in a small or big way.  It'll make all the difference in this season and help you build lifelong habits of building intimacy in your marriage!

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