Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wifey Wednesday: Thank You

I listened to The Stupendous Marriage Show yesterday...a great new podcast all marrieds should check out!  The hosts of the show Stu and Lisa Gray talked about communicating better with your husband and referenced an article they heard about from John Tesh that I tried to find, but couldn't despite my digging.  Hence no "reader" quote for the day (and I'm too lazy to listen to the podcast again to come up with the quote I'm thinking of!)

At any rate, the Grays mentioned how important it is for husbands (and men in general, I presume) to hear the words, "Thank you."  Men feel acknowledged and respected when wives thank them, and it empowers them in other areas of life if they know they have their wife's gratitude.  Out of all the tips in the podcast, this is one thing my husband and I have started to do for each other.  He thanks me for making breakfast or dinner...usually anything associated with food!  I try and remember to thank him for taking out the trash twice a week.  Even though these are little things, the gratitude and acknowledgement we have been able to show each other has really helped us grow closer. 

I think this practice has helped us be grateful for the little things and remember that we married someone we love and who really is kind and caring (despite what our thoughts tell us sometimes!)  Even in stressful times, if we notice the routine things we do for each other, it has helped us remember why we married: because we found the best, kindest, cutest co-ed on the block...and we are thankful.

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