Monday, September 26, 2011

It's off to work we go...

"I think that, deep in our hearts, we think life is supposed to be about having nothing to do at all.  That life is supposed to be about leisure.  And it's not.  Yes, you do have to cook.  Yes, you have to do the laundry. Yes, you have to get ready for friends coming over.  But all of these things are part of a rich life.  You only have to work because you have people and things to work for."
-Shelia Wray Gregoire, Is Motherhood Really That Hard?

You may remember my 11 pm blog post last week about all of us being sick.  We are all finally over it aside from my daughter still having a runny nose.  Most of that week was spent doing housework in 15 minutes spurts, watching lots of Sesame Street and baby sign language videos and trying not to beat myself up because I didn't finish the FlyLady's cleaning list for the master bedroom (that was the week's zone).  However, now that another week has rolled around, I am feeling tempted to do the same thing.  I want to spend my whole afternoon on Facebook and forget about folding the laundry.

The above quote was a nice kick in the pants this morning.  Not because I believe life is about leisure.  Sometimes I forget to have fun (remember the "fun-killer" post?).  But it was great to be reminded that I have work to do because I have people and things to work for.  I have a lovely husband and beautiful daughter.  I have a house to live in.  I have a yard, flowers and an overweight Old English Sheepdog.  All of these things require my work.  I can chose to go about my day with an attitude of resentment, thinking that these people, animals and things are cutting into my "leisure time", or I can choose to work hard and remember that I am serving my family and community.  These are people and things God has blessed me with and I want to give Him glory by working hard for them and with them.

On that note, I'm off to fold towels and possibly wrap/hide a few Christmas presents!

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  1. Oh this was such an inspiring post! Love that quote!