Friday, July 22, 2011


"But God is good. He has his plan and it is not to make this metamorphosis easy. Just certain. There are a thousand lessons to be learned in the process. Nothing is wasted. Life is not on hold waiting for the great coming-out. That's what larvae do in the cocoon. But frogs are public all the way though the foolishness of change."
-John Piper, from "Letter to an Incomplete, Insecure Teenager." Desiring God Blog

I read this post about a week ago.  In it, Pastor John Piper is giving life advice to a teenager who wrote to him.  He uses the illustration of a tadpole turning into a frog to show how God uses life to transform us.  Unlike a butterfly, a frog is in the public eye during his awkward change from "child" to " hiding in a cocoon here!   Piper reminds the teenager that instead of looking at his own awkward progress, looking to God and forgetting ourselves in the life He has for us brings fulfillment.  I needed that reminder.  Often, I feel like this teenager...that I am just waiting for that life to happen and I believe that it will happen when I am less anxious, when I can make friends more easily, when I go back into the workforce, when I join the right play group.  Notice how all of those "life" happenings begin with "I"?  Our selves are so hungry for recognition and improvement...but reality and God is calling us not to look at our selves for fulfillment, but to God.  Piper emphasizes that in the stuff of life, it is imperative that we focus on God's glory.  His glory can be found in nature and in others.  Isn't that so different from how the world tells us to improve our lives by improving ourselves?  I must return to this post often and encourage the painfulness and foolishness (or frogginess, as the case may be!) of change or the everyday routine, God is working in me.  No matter how awkward or painful the process, if I choose to forget myself He will bring me into true Life: a life lived for Him and for others.

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