Wednesday, July 6, 2011


"Count your many blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you, what the Lord hath done."
-Johnson Oatman Jr.  "Count Your Many Blessings"

I turned 25 today.  In a conversation with my grandma I joked that I think I will stay this age for a sounds old enough!  A friend on Facebook also wished me a Happy Birthday and suggested that I think about what I am thankful for today...a great idea!  Here's a list of 25 random things I am very thankful for:

1.  I am redeemed, forgiven and loved by Jesus Christ and will spend eternity glorifying Him, both here on this earth and in my future home in Heaven.

2.  I have husband who works very hard, comes home every night, adores his daughter and adores me despite my faults.

3.  I have an amazing twin sister who is also my best friend.

4.  I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl who means more to me than I ever could have imagined.

5.  I have a great family that has an amazing sense of humor!

6.  I am blessed to have a great relationship with my in-laws and privileged to be part of their families (they also have an amazing sense of humor!).

7.  I get to stay at home with my daughter and care for her and our home: a dream of mine since I was a teenager.

8.  I have a home!

9.  I have an Old English Sheepdog who loves me unconditionally.

10.  My husband cooked breakfast, fed the baby and made our bed this morning!

11.  My husband has a job at a family friendly ministry.

12.  I have very good neighbors who love my daughter and babysit from time to time for free.

13.  I am part of a healthy, vibrant church family.

14.  I have a car that runs well and is paid off.


16.  My husband and I finally bought paint to paint the downstairs!

17.  I am healthy.

18.  My family is healthy.

19.  Dunkin Doughnuts is supposedly sending me a coupon for a free drink for my birthday.

20.  I have friends who love me despite my social awkwardness.

21.  I get to cook meals every night for my family.

22. for helping me organize and clean my home-and also know when to stop!

23.  My slow cooker.

24.  this recipe for iced coffee

25. Burn Notice on USA

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