Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Friend of God

"To put ourselves this on a personal footing with God could, in itself and without warrant, be nothing but presumption and illusion.  But we are taught that it is not; that it is God who gives us that footing.  For it is by the Holy Spirit that we cry "Father."   By unveiling, by confessing our sins and "making known" our requests.  We assume the high rank of persons before Him, and He, descending, becomes a Person to us."
-C.S. Lewis  from Letters to Malcom:  Chiefly on Prayer

My Mom gave me The C.S. Lewis Bible for Christmas (and she even had my name written on the front-thanks Mom!)  This Bible has quotes from the different works of C.S. Lewis, intended to help the reader reflect on God's Word.  I have been using it in my devotional times and came across this quote while reading Exodus 33-35.  I find this reflection to be especially sweet when read along with Exodus 33, in which Moses meets with God at what the Israelites called 'the tent of meeting'.  Verse 11 describes this: "..the Lord used to speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend."  This verse comes not long after a description of God's anger towards Israel and Moses' pleading with Him to let the Israelites live after they disobey Him.  It is so awe inspiring to me that a holy, perfect God desires to forgive and to treat humans as His friends.  It certainly encourages me to speak to Him with the confidence that He not only wants to know me, but that he has been desiring to know humans since the beginning of history.  How awesome and humbling to call the God of the Universe a friend!

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