Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Example

"One of the biggest ways that I was motivated to read my Bible was seeing this example--and my mom always encouraging me that it was a friendship, a delight, and not a task. Because of this, I had an interest to know Jesus through his word at a young age. I have journals of consistent reading and prayer from age 10 on. I cannot tell you, now as an (semi-)adult, how much of a blessing this has been. It has given me a history of love for God's word and a confidence in prayer. It has taught me the habit, and the value for God's word. So, if you are seeking to set this example, don't give up! You might not see fruit now, but Jesus has promised that we will reap (Gal 6:9)."
-Anna, Early Morning Memories, girltalk Blog

I don't know about anyone else, but having a baby has certainly caused me to reflect on my childhood, specifically growing up in a Christian household.  Every night, my Mom would tuck us into bed and read us stories from these giant blue, colorfully illustrated volumes of Bible stories that we bought from a door-to-door salesman (I wonder if she still has them!)  I think through this nightly ritual and by God's grace I grew to love God's Word.  Throughout my life, I've been pretty consistent about getting up early to pray and read the Bible.

That is...until I had my daughter.  What were my excuses? Oh, something about late night feedings, caring for her, the house and the dog all day made me tired, I stayed up too late last night watching something on Hulu when I knew I should be sleeping.  As of late, reading the girltalk blog (specifically the posts in the 5'O Clock Club series) has been convicting for me.  The series highlights the importance of rising early and spending time with God and how that positively affects your family.  I've been trying for a few weeks to rise at 5...most of the time I don't make it until 5:30 or 5:45.  I keep setting my clock back for 15 more minutes each night so I can have time to convince myself to get up!  I don't think the time matters as much as the desire to spend time with God.

The quote posted above was very encouraging to me...I was almost in tears after I read it.  I want my daughter to see me as someone who loves Jesus with all her heart.  I pray every night with her that she would know Him at an early age.  I hope that my struggling example of rising early to spend time with God sticks in her mind when she is older (and that we even get to share in those times!) and that we can share in knowing God together.

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